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Q: Why should I buy from Aloha Power Equipment?

 A: We have the largest selection. We have the most experienced staff with most product knowledge. We offer the best prices. Complete assembly and set up of all power equipment. Free product demo and training. Free disposal and recycling of all packaging materials. Huge parts department for your future needs. On-site warranty and repair department offers the fastest service in Hawaii. Factory trained technicians. Product safety training, Factory authorized warranty repair. Free disposal/recycling of your old equipment.  

Q: Which generator is better, Honda or Yamaha?

 A: You would think that generators made by these 2 Japanese companies would be about the same, right?  Wrong.  We've asked customers who actually own both and they overwhelmingly say Honda is better. The Yamaha has similar specifications and features as the Honda but specifications and features aren't everything. What about the things you can't measure like quality and dependability?   You can buy a Kia with the similar specifications and features as a BMW or a Mercedes.  Which would you rather have?

Q: What size generator do I need?

A: You must first determine your power requirements. Click here for Honda's wattage calculator to better determine your power requirements. Our most popular generator is the Honda EU2000. It puts out 2,000 watts and is powerful enough to power a refrigerator and a few other household items such a lights and small appliances. Perfect for camping, tailgating or for emergency backup during a power outage. 

Q: What is all this talk about E10 ethanol gas?

A: E10 ethanol gasoline gets stale much quicker than non-ethanol gas. Ethanol gas gets stale after a few weeks, even in a sealed gas can. When gas gets stale, it will cause some of the components is your fuel system to go bad. The #1 problem we see with equipment brought in for repair is fuel related. The use of non-ethanol fuel or a fuel stabilizer is recommended. Remember, fuel stabilizer must be added when the fuel is fresh. It does not make already stale fuel fresh again. Many of our customers use non-ethanol gas (now available at many gas stations) which will stay fresh for about  a year.

Q: Do you offer financing?

A: Yes. If you are purchasing Honda power equipment you my apply for financing through Wells Fargo  For more information on financing Honda power equipment through Wells Fargo, click here.   All other brands are financed through Sheffield Financial.  For more information on financing through Sheffield Financial, click here.

Q: Does my weed trimmer need grease?

A: Yes. If you have a straight shaft weed eater there is a gear-case at the bottom of the shaft that will need grease periodically. Check your owners manual for details. Failure to grease the gear-case will cause very costly damage. A few dollars in grease today will save you hundreds of dollars in repairs tomorrow.

Q: Can I use motor oil in my chain saw instead of bar & chain lubricant?

A: You shouldn't, but using motor oil is better than using no oil at all, however using bar & chain lubricant will greatly prolong the life of your bar & chain. Professional tree trimmers will tell you - using bar & chain lubricant instead of motor oil SAVES them money in the long run.

Q: What are the advantages or disadvantages of a 2-stroke over a 4-stroke?

A: Advantages: 4-strokes have more torque, are quieter, use less gasoline, and on some models require no mixing of gas & oil. Disadvantages: 4-strokes have more moving parts (valves) and are generally heavier than their 2-stroke counterparts.

Q: How long is my warranty and what is covered?

A: Many manufacturers now offer consumer warranties  of up to 5 years.  Warranties on commercial equipment are  generally shorter.  Warranties vary from brand to brand and model to model so please check your owner's manual for your particular machine's warranty. Remember, a WARRANTY  is different than a GUARANTEE. A warranty covers manufacturing defects. A warranty does not cover abuse, neglect, general service, normal wear & tear.

Q: Do you sell and ship to the outer islands?

A: Yes, we sell and ship parts and equipment to the outer islands almost every day. We can take your credit card over the phone. Parts are usually shipped Priority Mail. Equipment can be shipped air freight or via Young Brothers. We have a $25 drop off fee and ship "freight collect". You pay the actual shipping charges on your end.

Q: Do you offer pick up/delivery service?

A: We offer delivery service for new equipment and pick up & delivery for repair jobs. Delivery service is free with a minimum $1,000 purchase, otherwise please call for rates.

Q: Is the MPH rating on a blower important?

A: The MPH (speed) rating is not as important as the CFM (cubic feet per minute) rating. The CFM is the amount of air being moved. You can blow through a drinking straw at 100 MPH but you wont move much debris.  It's the amount of air being moved that counts. 

Q: My machine seems sluggish or low on power. What could cause that?

A: On 2 cycle machines, you may want to check for a clogged muffler screen. It is located on your muffler where the exhaust comes out. Remove the screen to check if it is clogged. If the screen is clogged, simply clean it with a wire brush and replace it. Do not remove the screen and run the machine without it. Besides being a fire hazard, it may cause your muffler to clog, which could be a very costly repair.

Q: What is better, round line or square line?

A: It depends who you ask. Some users prefer round line, some prefer square line. Generally we recommend round line in manual or tap heads where you have to wind the line on a spool, and square line for fixed line heads.

Q: Do you accept purchase orders?

A: Yes. We accept City, State and Government purchase orders.  We also accept purchase orders if you have a charge account set up with us. Just email or fax us your purchase order and we'll contact you to set up pick up or delivery.  Remember, we have free delivery for orders over $1,000.00.

Q: Can I apply for  a charge account with you?

A: Yes.  You can apply for a charge account with us.  Just ask us for a credit application.  Email of fax us your completed credit application.

Q: Do you sell bowling supplies?

A: No.  We specialize in outdoor power equipment, parts, accessories and repair.