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Aloha Power Equipment Offers You Superior Service and Support


Aloha Power Equipment Service DepartmentSome people will buy power equipment from the big box stores thinking they are getting a good deal. What happens if you need warranty or repairs?  Good luck with that!  We offer something the big box stores don't. We offer service after the sale.

We are the factory authorized warranty and repair center for every brand that we sell. Our service department is staffed with factory trained technicians. Our work is guaranteed. We offer "priority service" on equipment that was purchased from us. Pick up and delivery is available. Rush service is also available.

We also offer state of the art reel mower sharpening. Beware of mobile sharpeners or sharpeners who use a method called "back lapping". Back lapping can cause damage or premature wear to your mower. We sharpen the correct way on our $30,000 state of the art Foley reel sharpening machine.


Bring in your machine. No appointment is necessary. Report to the "Service Check-In" desk. When checking in your job, you will be asked come up with a "cap" or a "limit" which is a dollar amount that you are comfortable spending. Should the repairs fall below that cap, the work will be done and you will be called when the machine is complete and ready for pick up. Should the repairs exceed your cap, you will be called before repairs are done with an estimate. At this point you will have 3 options: 1) Have the work done.  2) Don't have the work done, pay the diagnostic fee and take back your machine.  3) Don't have the work done, don't pay the diagnostic fee and have us dispose of your machine.   


The diagnostic fee is $44. This fee will only be charged if you don't want your machine fixed and want to take it back. If you decide to get your machine fixed, this fee is waived. The diagnostic fee is necessary because it takes time and effort to check in your mamchine, enter it in the computer, diagnose the problem(s), look up parts, calculate the parts and labor cost and call the customer with an estimate. The diagnostic fee also prevents people from bringing us their machine, having us diagnose the problem, then taking it back and doing the work themselves. The diagnostic fee does not cover reassembly of your machine. Machines that are not repaired will not be reassembled


Certain simple/specific jobs qualify for a "quick fix". For example, a broken starter rope. A quick fix can be done while you wait.  A quick fix is minimum labor ($33) plus parts. Check with your service coordinator to see if your job qualifies for a quick fix.


Rush jobs are available. Rush jobs normally take 1-2 days provided parts are in stock. Rush jobs are charged time and a half labor + parts. Check with your service coordinator to see if your job qualifies for a rush job. 


You will be notified when your job is complete and ready for pick up. After 7 days you will be charged a storage fee of $2.00 a day. After 90 days your job will be disposed of or sold to cover the cost of repairs.


All work is covered by a 90 day warranty. This warranty only applies to work that was done. It does not cover new problems or problems that were not addressed the first time. For example, if you had carburetor work done and a week later you have ignition trouble, that is not covered under warranty.